Course for Local Council members [Archives:2005/805/Local News]

January 6 2005

As many as 20 Local Council members from Makha District, Taiz, are taking part in the training course ,which is on developing abilities and skills of local council members as well as activating their roles in the social development.

The course was organized from Jan.1 to 5 by the French Organization DIA.

A number of prominent figures including Qasim Zaid, Chief of the local Councils in the District, Eng. Abdullah Al-Humaidi, and Mr. Olivy, Coordinator of the project attended the inauguration of the course.

Mrs. Raja Nasser, Social Activities Coordinator pointed out that the course aims to give trainees adequate information about the different development programs and upgrading their skills in administering and planning projects, particularly those related to water.

She indicated that the course program covers many lectures on the new developmental moves and the concepts and bases of the social development.

She gave an emphasis on monitoring the service projects and supporting the local councils to carry out effective initiatives and supervise the process of project implementation.

It is worth noting that the course coincided with the water projects currently implemented by the French Organization DIA in Makha District. These projects are funded by the European Community Humanitarian Office.