Course for school laboratory keepers kicks off [Archives:2004/762/Local News]

August 9 2004

A course was started on Monday, August 2nd, in Saioon city, Hadramout, to train the laboratory keepers of Saioon, Tarim, and Al-Qatn areas.
Some 35 participants from basic and secondary schools took part in the course, which aims at giving information on laboratory safety, storage and the preservation of live animal and plant samples. This is alongside instruction in the duties of a laboratory keeper including the preparation of solutions, making use of the local environment, and operating devices for physics experiments.
Mr. Ahmed Al-Junaid, deputy governor for valley and desert affairs, pointed out, at the opening the significance of such courses, which will be reflected in the educational conditions at schools, increase the knowledge of laboratory keepers, and raise the quality of experiments carried out by students.