Course on dress-making & embroidery [Archives:2004/801/Community]

December 23 2004

By Yemen Times Staff
A training course on dressmaking and embroidery was organized by Azal Social Handicraft Society for Women Developing wrapped up in Taiz Wednesday Dec. 15 2004. The event took place at the headquarters of the governorate.
The course that was supported by the German organization (EPSP) aimed to train some women how to sew and embroider wedding dresses.
During the celebration, several activities were staged including a sketch entitled 'stop violence against woman'.
Many speeches were delivered in the celebration in which the activities and efforts of the society's administration represented by its director Aneesah al-Maqtari was praised especially the courses in all fields.
Mohammed al-Haj, Secretary-General of the Local Council in Taiz, appreciated the role of Azal Society in Taiz pointing out that there are more than 500 societies in the governorate but most of them are inactive.
“We will cancel the other inactive societies and transfer all our support to the most active ones like Azal Society that made a successful and encouraging step in all fields considering them partners in development, fighting unemployment and poverty,” Al-Haj said.
Participants in the course and the prominent people effectively contributing to the society's success were honored.