Course on limiting use and trade of light arms [Archives:2002/47/Local News]

November 18 2002

SANA’A- A regional course for non-governmental organizations was concluded last week in Amman for regulating the misuse of light weapons in the region.
The Republic of Yemen was selected as the regional center for the international network to end the trade and use of light weapons in the Arabian Peninsula.
The Human Right Information and Training Center (HRTIC) was assigned the duty to promote this cause in Yemen.
Among the organizations that attended the course besides HRTIC, were the Sisters Arab Forum (SAF) and National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms NODRF.
Unlike other countries in the region, including Jordan, Yemen has been suffering from the regular use and trade of light weapons among citizens in all parts of the country. This has resulted in many violent conflicts that resulted from tribal revenge, kidnappings, etc. Yemen is in urgent need to reactivate a stalled disarmament campaign that could potentially reduce the incidents that result from the misuse of light arms and bring stability to the country.
The course was attended by a remarkably high number of attendees representing civil society organizations and representatives from Yemen’s Ministry of Interior.
Several working papers were presented revolving around the impact of out-dated traditions that command the carrying and use of light arms.
Mr. Ezz Addeen al-Asbahi, Chairman of HRTIC was nominated as the regional general coordinator for this purpose.
Participants have expressed their deep appreciation for this nomination and wished Mr. Ezz Addeen well in implementing a long-term strategy in spreading awareness of the need to tackle the problem of the use and trade of light arms in the Republic of Yemen.