Course on means for protection from radiation [Archives:2003/646/Local News]

June 30 2003

A course on radiation and precautionary measures towards it organized by the Atomic Energy National Committee at Al-Thowra Hospital was concluded last Wednesday in Sanaa.
Dr. Mustafa Buhran, the President's Science and Technology Advisor and Head of the Committee emphasized the workshop's importance in helping educate and train men on proper applications regarding atomic energy. He said that the purpose of this workshop is to educate people working in the field of radiation about the dangers of rays in general and rays used in the medical field in particular and how to deal with them and prevent damage.
In his speech conclusion, he praised the International Agency for Atomic Energy's support to our country in raising awareness about means for protection from radiation, especially when taking into account that there are 16 ongoing projects regarding the establishment of radiotherapy cancer treatment centers in the country.