Course on security measures at seaports [Archives:2004/704/Local News]

January 19 2004

Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
A Training Course shall be held on Monday 19 January 2004 at the Yemeni Ports Authority Naval Training Center in Aden devoted to organization of security measures at Yemeni seaports and ships.
The course is attended by 45 participants from the various seaports of Aden, Mukalla, Aden Refinery, Coast Guard and the Navy Force.
Mr. Mayad Saeed Al-Yafie, the course coordinator says that the purpose of this course is to raise the level of security capabilities working at the seaports and also to train the participants on the latest ways used for organizing security measures for seaports and ships.
He indicated also that Hudson Trident, a pioneering International Company in security qualifying of international seaports would also inspect the security preparedness at the Yemeni seaports, affirming that this course comes as part of the security measures being carried out by the Yemeni Government to qualify Yemeni seaports in implementation of the ISPS Code issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) of which Yemen is a member. The ISPS Code shall be obligatory in all seaports worldwide as of next July 2004 and hence Yemen is counted amongst the first in the region in starting to qualify its seaports in application of the IMO resolutions. He has further added that this course shall be contributing to develop performance level of all the participants, hoping that this shall contribute also to persuade Insurance Companies to end the war risks premiums and return them to Zero.
It is also meant that other bodies can benefit from this course, including the participants from the Coast Guard, The Maritime Police , The Navy Force, in addition to Yemeni Seaports Authority underlings working in Aden, the Aden Refinery Company and Mukalla Seaport.