Courses on environment and ozone concluded [Archives:2003/674/Local News]

October 6 2003

Sanaa, Oct 3 – The General body for Environment Protection (Ozone Unit), organized two training courses during 29-30 of last month. The courses aimed at preparing the survey group who will be executing the Ministry of Education's Plan in Yemen.
The 48 participants involved in the courses were from the body itself and its branches in Yemen and from several environment-related NGOs.
In the two courses, a number of working papers were delivered concerning fact and information gathering, objectives of surveys and the importance of training in issues concerning environment and ozone layer matters.
Mr. Faisal Ahmed Nasir the National Representatives in the Ozone Unit said that such courses inform participants of the various issues concerning the environment and the ozone layer. “They are particularly helpful in enhancing knowledge in the field of launching survey in places where harmful materials to the ozone layer are suspected to be produced.” he said.