Court convicts seven forgers, requests extradition of three [Archives:2006/949/Local News]

May 25 2006

SANA'A, May 24 ) The Special Penal Court requested that the Ministry of Interior extradite three Iraqis charged with currency forgery. The group allegedly had seven members, for of whom are Yemeni.

Headed by Mohamed Al-Ba'dani, the court issued Wednesday an order of incarceration against the Iraqi members of the group: Amir Hamdan Al-Shumary, Abdlhamid Humadi Al-Jamili, and Mohamed Rakhis Al-Dhalati. Al-Shumary and Al-Jamili received five-year terms, while Al-Dhalati received a four-year sentence.

The decision also charged the four Yemenis, Fuad Abdullah Zaid Al-Tam, Saleh Ali Abdullah Faraj, Qasim Ali Ahmed Humaisan and Yahia Hassan Al-Asnaj. Al-Tam and Faraj were handed down a sentence of two months of incarceration. Humaisan received sentence for a year and a half of imprisonment. The court was let off Al-Asnaj with time already served. Nasr Ali Qaid Al-Shahiri, a suspect in the case, was acquitted of any wrong-doing.

The prosecution had accused eight suspects of participating in the forgery of local and foreign currencies. The Capital Detective Forces apprehended group members at different locations around Sana'a, unearthing and seizing large sums of forged foreign and local currencies. Detectives also confiscated the machinery used to produce the counterfeit currency.