Court executes two for murdering policemen [Archives:2005/849/Local News]

June 9 2005

SANA'A, June 5- The Specialist Penal Court issued last Sunday a verdict against Abdulhamid Hamid al-Ukaimi, a fugitive, and Hussein Hadi Saleh al-Tam.

Under the verdict, the two were condemned to death for murdering policemen last year while they were in duty in al-Rawdh zone, north of the capital.

While chasing the two robbers who were on board a stolen car, the policemen were shot dead.

The court forced murderers to pay YR 10 million to the Ministry of Interior to compensate for damage of a police vehicle and other equipment.

The verdict stipulated that articles seized be confiscated and suspects condemned for forming an armed band to practice banditry and plunder public transportation means.