Court Hearings of the Australian  Yacht Attacking Pirates Started [Archives:1999/47/Front Page]

November 22 1999

ADEN: The court hearing in the case of the pirate attack against the Australian Tucker family, started last Tuesday. It was not long after the start of the court session at the Primary Court of Zinjibar, when Garry Tucker, the yacht owner identified the pirates. The defendants, Hadi Yaslam Bal’eed, Hussein Awadh Bal’eed, Mohamed Salim Lajzal, Salem Mohamed Bal’eed, and Major Ali Saeed Bin Afya, could not but confess that they were the ones who attacked the yacht. 
Even though the 5th pirate was not identified because he stayed in the pirates’ boat, the 5th defendant claims that he was not among the pirates and he was at his home when the pirates came back with the stolen goods. It is expected that the next court session will reveal who the 5th pirate is.