Court rules in favor of defamed journalist [Archives:2007/1049/Local News]

May 10 2007

SANA'A, May 8 ) The verdict against Al-Dustor newspaper and its editor in chief Mohammad Al-Ashamli finally came out in favor of journalist Samia Al-Aghbari last Tuesday. Al-Aghbari had raised a case against the newspaper to the South East Capital Court in Sana'a. The case was raised on grounds of defamation in Al-Dustor's issue published July 2006 in relation to her criticism of president's Saleh's running for elections after he had announced not to. The court ordered a compensation of 130,000 Yemeni Riyals (around 660$) for the trial expenses. Also, it ordered publishing an apology in Al-Dustor for Al-Aghbari, who is a journalist in the opposition newspaper, Al-Wihdawi.

Muneer Al-Mawri who is Al-Aghbari's lawyer commented on the verdict by saying: “The court neglected to compensate my client for moral and emotional damages. This should have been taken into consideration especially that these are real damages stimulated in the penalty law.” He added that his client has the right to appeal the verdict if she decided so.

Al-Aghbari, prior to the statement, demanded through her column in Al-Wihdawi newspaper that she raised this case against Al-Ashmali in attempt to teach yellow journalism a lesson and convey to the whole community that only the righteous prevail.