Court Suspends Discharging of Doctors from Al-Thawra Hospital [Archives:2000/48/Local News]

November 27 2000

In its public session last Tuesday the West Capital Secretariat Court passed a decision accepting the request of the lawyer for the Ministry of Legal Affairs (the Legal Representative of the government) and suspended execution of the verdict issued on 2192000 regarding the discharge of the 429 doctors and staff members of Al-Thawra General Hospital in Sanaa and keeping things as they were used to be before the verdict until the case was decided in a final verdict. This came as a result of a letter by the Health Minister and the Prime Minister to the court.
For the last two months, the staff of the hospital have been very angry. A strike was started for many times and demonstrations marched to the Parliament and Ministers Council demanding suspension of the verdict. Furthermore, the Doctors Syndicate expressed its indignation towards these procedures and considered them as an administrative massacre.