Crimes in Sana’a on increase [Archives:2006/971/Local News]

August 10 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 8 ) This year crime is on the rise. An official report, released by Sana'a governorate security administration, revealed the crime rate increased in the first half of this year by 12 percent compared to last year.

The number of crimes registered during the first period of this year reached 307 cases, while they were 273 cases during the same period of the last year.

The report also indicated that the total number of accidents, criminal crimes and unintentional crimes and traffic accidents recorded within the governorate reached 566 cases – with 307 criminal crimes, 39 unintentional crimes and 220 traffic accidents.

The criminal crimes were the highest with 307 crimes, among these crimes are attacking with intention to kill using guns and light weapons with 129 crimes, intentional killing with 43 crimes and then come tribal robbery with 25 cases. All these crimes are normally caused by tribal conflicts and revenge.

Additionally, the reports listed 13 cases for authority resistance using guns and 10 cases for simple and intentional harassment cases and eight cases for looting personal properties using light weapons. There were also seven cases relating to the public money and four cases of car stealing and drinking.

There were 39 unintentional accidents – with 8 cases for mishandling of guns and 5 each of drowning and electrical shock and then cases relating to suicide and falling as well as other accidents.

The causes for these crimes ranged from the tribal conflicts with 103 cases, personal cases with 57 crimes, revenge with 24 cases and lastly material gain.