Criminals behind the beheaded bodies’ confess [Archives:2005/902/Local News]

December 12 2005

SANA'A – Dec. 11 – A case of three headless bodies that shook Sana'a is finally referred to prosecution. The three Palestinians suspected of the murder finally confessed their crimes. The murders that took place in the middle of last November included a Palestinian citizen, his wife and her friend. During investigations the criminals explained how they hosted the three victims in their house, and then beat them to death, using sharp tools. They then beheaded them and threw their limbs in different parts of Sana'a streets.

Reasons for this hideous crime are still unknown although the investigations suspect that it was a personal grudge.

A special source in the specialized penal prosecution told Yemen Times that they received the case on the 7th of December. The investigations will be completed within the few next days, and then it will be handed over to the specialized penal court.