Criticism of US accusations against al-ZindaniIslah warns of Sa’ada events consequences [Archives:2004/757/Front Page]

July 22 2004

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
The Yemeni Islah Party has warned against the consequences of the ongoing fighting between the supporters of the renegade cleric Hussein al-Hawthi and government troops for the social peace of the country.
A press release issued by the Islah Central Committee, headed by cleric Abdulmajeed al-Zindani, stated that the events in Sa'ada are “a threat to the internal social peace”, demanding that “the authorities, political parties and clerics take swift steps to stop the fighting.” The statement called for abiding by the law and constitution which “define the peaceful ways and means of expression.” It called for the rejection of violence in propagating views or settling differences. It demanded that the parliament should play an active role in finding the truth and reporting it to the public. The statement criticized the performance of the state-run media, which it said should convey the truth to the people so that they can take a stand with regard to these events. The Islah statement re-emphasised that the government should deal with security issues in a more transparent way, without politicization.
The Islah Central Committee demanded the immediate release of cleric Mohammed al-Mouyad and his companion Mohammed Zaid who were arrested last year in Germany and were turned over to US on charges of fund-raising for al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. The statement stated that they were kidnapped on false charges and information and in a way that violated international law and human rights.
The statement also hailed the stand of President Ali Abdullah Saleh who rejected the US accusations against cleric Abdulmajeed al-Zindani. US accused al-Zindani for collecting money for terrorist activities and Bin Laden. It called on the US to stop casting accusations against “the clerics of the nation”. It also demanded the release of those people who were put in jail without legal warrants and holding the perpetrators of such acts accountable.
The Islah statement further called for an end to the government's control over NGOs and harassment of party and independent newspapers. The statement warned against the “serious consequences of extremism and all forms of fanaticism, which are the major reason behind the civilizational decline and backwardness of the Muslim nation. It calls on the Yemeni people to stand united and firm against extremist ideas or attempts to instigate intolerance. It urged the people “responsible for mosques, education and guidance to act according to their responsibilities in producing youngsters who are brought up in line with Islam and moderate principles, protecting them against the thought invasion that targets the nation, its religion and ethics.”
With regards to the economic situation, the statement criticized the deteriorating economic situation, warning of a real economic and social disaster due to the prevalence of corruption and inflation. It demanded that the government take “serious steps to stop the waste of public money.” It also criticized “the irresponsible and indifferent response of the authorities towards the statements issued by political parties”, indicating that this position leads to “further complication of the situation.”