Crystal supports sport & culture activities [Archives:2003/669/Local News]

September 18 2003

Taiz, Sept.16_Organized by the Sport & Youth Office and in collaboration with the Yemen's Company for Ghee & Soap Industry, the Cultural & Sport Activities were concluded in Taiz on September 18.
The event was inaugurated on September 15 by the Taiz deputy governor of Taiz, the Sport & Youth Office Manager, the Security Director and the Mr. Shukri al-Furais; the Manager of Yemen's Company for Ghee & Soap Industry and a host guests.
Different sports events were performed such as, raising sport flags, athletic training, including gymnastics.
All those events were held in celebration of the anniversary of Yemeni September and October revolutions and the Evacuation Day in November.
This 3rd sports and youth event was held in Taiz and where 23 teams took part performing various.