Crystallized Brotherhood [Archives:2001/23/Focus]

June 4 2001

by Mohamed Kadri
Here we are again brothers with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Here I am happy to hear broadcasters in the Yemeni media add the word ‘sisterly’ whenever the names of the two countries are mentioned. And here I ought to say: Nothing but correctness is to be accepted.
None of the previous years’ political dilemmas will I mention here. For I have been decrying all those sorts of events that have strained Yemen’s relations with both countries . And this is the right time when files of the past must be closed. Nevertheless, the period of approximately ten years of tension with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are to be reviewed by both: the Yemeni officials and the people just to learn the lesson how diplomacy is to be conducted and most importantly, to discover those obnoxious elements existing among us who are delighted to damage Yemeni’s brotherly ties, especially with our brotherly neighbors with whom we have been building cardinal relations and, we intend to continue that.
Returning to the subject of our relations with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait we have to reckon with the development projects those two countries implemented in Yemen from the sixties, when Yemen lacked simple medications ,education ,roads ,financial sufficiency, support and assistance would have been impossible were it not for Saudi and Kuwaiti help.
To Saudi and Kuwait rulers, represented by their Ambassadors to Sana’a we say: Yemenis cannot but remember you. Yemenis are keen to have you two brothers. Help Yemen to re-build the ”one family” which history knew and whose structure is essential to develop the region and promote its solidarity.