Cuban doctors discuss diseases [Archives:2006/973/Local News]

August 17 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 16 ) The Cuban Ambassador to Yemen conducted a scientific meeting for senior specialists working here to review researches and experiences they acquired during their three-year service in Yemeni hospitals.

The one day meeting at the Cuban Embassy saw specialists discuss common and incurable diseases, their causes and treatment, cosmetic surgery, kidney problems and heart and abdominal diseases.

“This medical research meeting is not the first made by Cuban medical missions in Yemen. Still it is confined to Cuban doctors, and yet concerned Yemeni authorities did not get benefit of it, in spite of the fact that a copy of research papers and experiments were submitted to them,” said one of the participants.

Periodical meetings of Cuban doctors try to document the incurable diseases in Yemen, as well as the scientific research papers and experiments. It also sheds light on how these diseases can be cured and prevented.

There are over 60 Cuban specialists and university teachers currently working in Yemeni hospitals.