Cultural Activities in Hodeida [Archives:1998/04/Local News]

January 26 1998

Organized by the National Youth Cultural Center and the cultural committee at the Hilal Club in Hodeida, activities of the Youth Creativity Program were concluded on Thursday, January 22nd. At the cost of YR 400,000, the program included the recitation of Qura’anic verses and he Prophet’s (P) sayings as well as various other cultural activities such as open poetry and short story competitions. The activities were sponsored by the Hayil Saeed Anam Group of Companies, the Salahudeen Factory, the Yemeni Islamic Bank, and Mr. Mohammed Al-Dobai’. Also in Hodeida, the Hilal and Ahli clubs organized, in cooperation with UNPF, a special campaign to raise awareness among young men and women and the public in general of population and family planning issues. The campaign lasted for two days (11-12 January) and consisted of several lectures on family issues from an Islamic point of view.