Cultural News [Archives:2001/23/Culture]

June 4 2001

First Collection of Al-Aqel Published
The Yemeni well-known artist Hakeem Al-Aqel is publishing his first collection of works that address plastic art issues in an analytical manner in the near future. The 300-page book is the first of its kind in Yemen.
Al-Futaih Flies to Doha
Al-Futaih, one of the Yemeni outstanding artists, has received an invitation to participate in the Arab Art Exhibition hosted by Doha during June 18-July 18. He will show some of his works depicting the natural beauty of Yemen. In an interview with a Tunisian journalists he highlighted the development of arts in Yemen and spoke highly about the Minister of Culture’s encouragement and support to the artists, specially the young.
Establishment of the Yemeni Opera House
The Ministry of Culture is currently preparing a study to establish the first Yemeni opera house, supposed to be financed jointly by the state and businessmen. The project includes the foundation of a stage, a conference hall, 2 reading halls, a computer hall, etc. It also includes a big hall for screening films.