Cultural NEWS [Archives:2001/25/Culture]

June 18 2001

Al-Futeih Works in The Bahraini-Based Al-Thaqafiah
The outstanding Yemeni artist Fuad al-Futaih has recently received a letter from the Bahraini National Council for Culture, arts and Literature appreciating his valuable contributions in the field of art. Moreover, the Bahraini-based Al-Thaqafiah magazine published by the National Council has decided to highlight Al-Futaih’s works in the magazine beginning from its issue No. 28.
Aden University Releases
5th Issue of Attawasol
The Aden University released last month the 5th issue of ‘Attawasol’ magazine which is devoted to issues in literature, culture, arts, translation, etc. The magazine includes a number of translations about the importance of the Red Sea and the African Horn. It also includes a chapter on Mr. Abdulmajeed Al-Qadhi, one of the outstanding Yemeni literary figures, a brief account of his life, works, and some examples of his masterpieces.
Bin Alwan in Cairo
A play titled “fi albedea can al-ghorban” is now under preparation. The work will be presented by Ibb troupe in the Experimental Cairo Exhibition in the coming December.
The work deals with an important stage of Yemen’s historical period during the reign of Bani Ayoob and Bani al-Rasool through the revolution of sheikh Ahmad bin Alwan. The play is written by Faisal Sufi and directed by Jamil Mahfoodh.
Faisal Alawi Rumored Dead!
The rumor on the death of the eminent Yemeni singer Faisal Alawi has profoundly shocked his fans. However, after contacting the family of the singer we came to realize that the news was baseless and false. They maintained that he was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and was in regular contact with them. Long life Faisal Alawi.