Cultural News [Archives:2001/28/Culture]

July 9 2001

Fathi Participate in the first Festival of Arabic songs 
The Moroccan city Aghadeer invited the Yemeni signer Ahmad Fathi starting a festival of Arabic songs being held from 3rd,July,to 25th,August. The festival is going to be jointly organized by the Arab Radio and TV. It should be mentioned here that the Yemeni singer ,Ahmad Fathi was honored in Beirut last month together with some major Arabs singers such as,Wadea Al-Safi,Mohammad Abduh, Kadhem Al-Saher. Hani Shaker and Majedah Al-Roomi. 
Al-Sheikh Zaid Finance Dhafar Museum 
His Highness, the President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Shiekh Zaed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan has financed the completion of Dhafar Museum for displaying the ancient discoveries in the region. The discoveries and the excavation works in Dafar Museum is a glittering evidence of the history of the Peninsula. The German mission headed by The German archaeologist, Dr. Baul has prepared the maps and the excavation works . It is worth mentioning that Dhafar Museum preserves many significant rock carvings and decorations which narrate the history before the emergence of Islam. Dhafar is one of the most significant ancient Yemeni cities. It was the capital of Himyarian Empire as well as a regional power since 115B.C. 
Al-Rouhani Directs 
The Minister of Culture,Abdulwahab Al-rouhani has ordered for the re-establishment of the Fine Art Institute in Aden and resumption of studies starting from the next year. He has assured to provide a qualified cadre to for the cultural institutions as well as to provide support to participate in festivals held inside and outside the country according to cultural reform plan followed by the Ministry. It is worth mentioning that the Institute was established in December 1973. One of its founders was the late Gameel Ghanem. The study recommends a systematic three-year-old competitions after the basic level including theater, paintings, plastic arts and the opera band founded in 1978. Tens of the specialized painters of both sexes were graduated from the Institute. 
Al-Sharafi’s new Collection Published 
‘Sho’ab Al-Murjan’ (The Coral Reefs) is the title of the newly published poem collection by Hassan Abdullah Al-Sharafi. The book is published by the Al-Ibdaa Foundation. It includes 50 poems.