Cultural News [Archives:2001/29/Culture]

July 16 2001

Archaeological Discoveries 
Antiquities have been discovered in an area located between Mareb and al-Beidah governorates including a big wall wide 50 km long and 20 km long. The circumference of this wall is estimated at 150 km at the height of 3 meters. 
Nasser al-Awathi, Director of Saba News Agency in al-Beidah stated that this wall has two gates the first is on the northwest and the second is on the northwest. Antiquities of great historical value, including some palaces, engravings, temples, dams and wells have been also discovered. 
It is believed that these antiquities date back to the reign of the Sabain and Himyarite dynasties. 
Save Mohammed Sa’ed 
Mohammed Sa’ed Abdullah the great Yemeni singer is suffering from diabetes and he is resting on bed nowadays. We hope that the competent authorities represented by the Minister of culture will promptly act to help this great singer. 
Cultural Publications 
A book entitled ‘The Modern Linguistic Treatments’ has been published by al-Afif Cultural Foundation for Dr. Hamed al-Auathi. The book is a study dealing with the methodology used for a large scale of modern dictionaries. This book is a further contribution to the Yemeni library. 
World’s Youth Festival 
Six young Yemeni writers are to take part at the events of events of the World’s Youth Festival to be held at the Algerian capital Algiers from 8 of August. Ibtisam al-Mutawakil, Muhee al-Din Germah and Muhammed al-Mahageri are to take part in the domain of poetry and Arwa Abdu Othman, Wajdi al-Ahdal and Huda al-Atass are to take part in short-story writing. 
Fourth Plastic Art Exhibition 
Last Tuesday the fourth plastic art exhibition of the artist Amal Abdu al-Salam inaugurated at the Taiz-based al-Saeed Cultural and Scientific Foundation. Amal has taken part at several collective exhibitions and her first overseas participation will be in Algeria in August. 
In a statement to Yemen Times, Amal said that the exhibition included 26 paintings, Yemeni faces and other surrealistic paintings. Speaking about the arts by whom she has been influenced she said that Salvador Dally the world renowned artist and the Yemeni artist Hisham Ali are the most important ones. 
The fourth plastic art exhibition has scored a great success and most of the paintings have been sold. The exhibition was attended by a large number of people interested in this type of art.