Cultural News [Archives:2001/32/Culture]

August 6 2001

Selected poems from Yemeni poetry 
The Kuwaiti-based Babutain Foundation will issue at the end of this year a book including selected poems from Yemeni poetry. This book contains verses chosen from some Yemeni poems. The verses present the old and the new generation of poets and their works starting from the outset of this century. 
It’s worth mentioning that these selected poetic arts were prepared under the supervision of Dr. Abdulaziz al-Makaleh, the Chairman of the Yemeni Center for Studies and Research. Dr. Al-Makaleh wrote the book’s introduction which concentrates on the reality of poetry in Yemen during the 20th century. 
New Criteria For Renovating the Old Cities 
The Cabinet issued a decree concerning the criteria for renovating the historical cities. The decree stipulates the prohibition of renovating any building or historical landmarks before a permit has been issued by the competent authorities. 
The decree prohibits as well building any annexes or extending the existing houses. Moreover, it prohibits the use of any new kind of building materials that do not comply with the traditional ones. 
Sana’a the Arab Cultural Capital for the Year 2004 
Mr. Abdulwahab al-Rawhani, Minister of Culture, stated that the Arab League’s declaration of Sana’a as the capital of Arabic culture for the year 2004 requires lots of efforts for hosting this great event and added that the Ministry of Culture is intending to build a cultural complex that can host the different cultural and artistic events. 
He further pointed out that “this event came within the framework of the activities of the ministry to construct a cultural infrastructure which can host the different cultural and artistic events”.