Cultural News [Archives:2001/33/Culture]

August 13 2001

Chinese Week in Sana’a
The Ministry of Culture will host the activities of the Chinese week due in the 19th of August which include some acrobatic performances to be showed in Sana’a and Aden by a chinese band consisting of 20 acrobats.
UNICEF Chooses Sua’ad
A press release issued by the UNDP office in Kuwait welcomed the appointment of Dr. Sua’ad al-Sabah as the representative of the UNICEF in Kuwait. By this Dr Sua’ad al-Sabah will be the first artist from the Gulf region to assume such position which includes some humanitarian missions pertaining to education, health and social care.
On the other hand, Ms. Sua’ad al-Sabah welcomed the appointment and expressed her eagerness to spare no efforts in serving her country, Kuwait.