Cultural News [Archives:2001/36/Culture]

September 3 2001

Al-Baradoni poems in new publishing
On the memorial of the departure of the Yemeni late great poet Abdullah Al-Baradoni, the Book General Authority published all poetical volumes composed by Al-Baradoni.
The new poetical books of Al-Baradoni would include smart coverage and regularity.
The group of Books would include all the poetical works composed by Al-Baradoni but not his prose.
Al-Baradoni is a prominent Arab poet who composed unique verses in the modern age. His poems hovered high in the sky to prove his international dignity.
Al-Afif organizes 2nd Memorial Ceremony for the late Baradoni
Al-Afif Culture Institution organized on Tuesday the 21st of August the last the second memorial ceremony on the occasion of the pass away of the great Yemeni poet Abdullah Al-Baradoni. Ahmed Jaber Al-Afif Chairman of the Institution participated in the ceremony. The poet Ibraheem Al-khadher, Dr. Sultan Al-soureemi, Mohammed Houseen Haitham and Al-Hareth Bin Al-fadhel have all accompanied Al-Afif in his memorial ceremony.
Upon inauguration of the ceremony Al-Afif welcomed the attendants and appreciated their participation in the memorial in honor to the late Yemeni poet Al-Baradoni. He also reviewed the merits of the late and his creative culture gifts, which enriched Yemen culture and art.
Then some poets attending the ceremony recited some of Al-Baradoni’s verses, which have been embraced by all the attendants.
Sponsor of the ceremony Al-Afif then announced that his Institution would shoulder the responsibility of publishing All the Baradoni’s poetical volumes.