CULTURAL NEWS [Archives:2001/39/Culture]

September 24 2001

Internet Cafes to Block Porno Sites
In order to protect the Yemeni youth’s morals, the Ministry of Culture has recently instructed internet Cafes to block pornographic sites.
Some cafes have already installed special filter programs to block such sites.
Hadhrani, Al-Fuseil and Al-Maqrami Honored
In a ceremony held on September 18, 2001, the Al-Afif Establishment honored Ibrahim Al-Hadhrani, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Fuseil and Husein Al-Maqrami. The event came in recognition of their contributions to the literary movement in Yemen.
Al-Beihani Back Home
After years of studying abroad, TV director, Mohammed Hassan Al-Beihani came back home to work for Yemen’s TV Channel 2. Al-Beihani has directed dozens of Yemeni songs by great Yemeni singers. At the current time, he said that he would be working on a number of entertainment programs to be shown during Ramadhan.