CULTURAL NEWS [Archives:2001/42/Culture]

October 15 2001

Saba Published Distinguished News Features
Yemen News Agency (Saba) issued two news features for following up the latest developments related to the U.S. anti-terror campaign. The first file entitled “The U.S. toward Retaliation” and the second “The U.S. toward War” are two of the best files issued by Saba News Agency in its history. The two files included in-depth reporting, analysis and news stories about the attacks on New York and Washington coming from various sources. The new publications are the product of the Reporting Bureau at Saba News Agency headed by Mr. Abdulelah Shaya’a and the support of Mr. Nasar Taha Mustafa Chairman of the Board of Director of Saba News Agency.
Maqaleh Awarded al-Shareqa
Prize for Culture
Dr. Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh has recently been awarded the al-Shareqa Prize for Culture. Mr. al-Maqaleh ranked first of 37 candidates who were nominated for this prize. It is worth mentioning that this honoring prize is awarded to distinguished intellectual and creative activities taking place in Asia, which is administered by UNESCO.
Al-Maqaleh is the first author and poet from the Arab region to win this prize. Miss. Taylor, Chairman of the committee, said that the committee unanimously agreed to translate the different works of Dr. al-Maqaleh into English and French.