Cultural News [Archives:2001/43/Culture]

October 22 2001

Authors Union Celebrates al-Maqaleh
The Authors Union in Sana’a and its branches in the governorates celebrated the winning by Dr. Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh of Sharjah International Prize as well as the honor bestowed to him by the Paris-based Arab World Institute. Many activities and seminars were held during these celebrations at the branches of the union in most of the governorates of the Republic.
Al-Mehdhar Museum Inaugurated
Under the auspices of Abdulqadir Helal, Governor of Hadramaut, preparations are underway to organize the festival for inaugurating the museum of the late Yemeni lyric-writer Hussein Abu Bakr al-Mehdhar, at his birth place in al-Shahir city during the current month. The museum, which was funded by Hayel Saeed Group, will include the complete artistic works of al-Mehdhar and will be inaugurated by the governor along with a number of Yemen and Gulf artists.
Al-Baradoni Featured by al-Thaqafiya
The Taiz-based weekly al-Thaqafiya newspaper published last week parts of the book project of the late Yemeni poet Abdullah al-Baraduni. The books, which al-Baraduni had started composing prior to his death, include a detailed study of Islamic literature and Islamic doctrine schools, and has the title ” Islamic Culture.”

Palace of Horror
Bakathir Foundation for Literature & Art organized last Friday a ceremony celebrating the publication of a novel entitled “Palace of Horror” written by Abdulla al-Bwab.

Anti-revenge Drama
To mark the First National Conference for Fighting Tribal Blood Feuds, scheduled to be held in the upcoming month in Sana’a, the theater band of the Physically Handicapped Association is preparing to perform a play regarding the issue of revenge in Yemen.