Cultural News [Archives:2001/45/Culture]

November 5 2001

Nabila Al-Zubeiry’s Novel, ‘It’s My Body,’ Published
On October 29 2001, the French Cultural Center organized a lecture focusing on the presentation of the new novel (“It is My Body”) written by the novelist and poetess Nabila Al-Zubeiry. The discussion focused mainly on various aspects of the novel such as its main theme and its cohesiveness to Yemeni society. Some well-known women writers, like Ibtisam Al-Mutwakil, Arwa Abduh Othman, and Ameena Al-Nusairi, attended the discussion. The Deputy of the Researches and Studies Center, Mohammed Hussein Haitham, gave an outline of women’s’ literature in Yemen along with an historical background. The novel, “It is My Body,” is not only characterized by the artistic unity but expresses also the creative talent of women’s wit in Yemeni society. The poetess, Ibtisam Al-Mutwakil, dealt with some literary aspects of the novel and its language.
Geographical Varieties and Popular Costume
Within the framework of the joint activities among the Yemeni Authors Union, the Cultural Center organized last Sunday a symposium entitled “The Geographical Variety and its Influence on the Yemeni Popular Costume.” The female Manager of the Sanani Life Center, Dr. Amat Al-Razak Gahaf, delivered a lecture on this regard and talked about various costumes and their traditional styles. It was attended by a number of writers, men of letters and people interested in the folkloric art.
Cultural Publication
The sixth edition of Al-Towasol Magazine was released by the High Studies and Scientific Researches Deanery, Aden University. It contains various literary texts, researches and scientific topics.
Al-Dhaheri Honored
The Chairwomen of the Arab Pioneers Festival, Sameeha Ayoob, recently informed its Director, Fareed Al-Dhaheri, that he is to be honored in the upcoming festival. The festival will be held from October 27 to October 29. However, the festival delayed its second meeting as it coincides with the Arab League Day.
Plastic Art Symposium to Be Held in Aden
The Women’s Forum for Studies and Training organizes a symposium focusing mainly on Women’s media and plastic art, from November 6 to November 7 in the Crescent Hotel in Aden. The symposium will deal with some important working papers. The first working paper, “The Approach of Non-discrimination against Women,” will be presented by Dr.Salah Al-deen Haddash. The second one is to be presented by the plastic artist, Mohammed Abduh Dael, the third by Asma Rymi and the fourth by Dr. Naser Abduhlkwy. The symposium is to be accompanied by launching of plastic art exhibition. In a statement to YT, the Chairwomen of the Forum, Suad Al-Kadasi, pointed out that participants will come out with some suggestions for a media which deals with women’s problems and her relation to development.