Cultural News [Archives:2001/50/Culture]

December 10 2001

Sana’a Authors Union Discusses New Year’s Program
The Authors Union in Sana’a has recently kicked off discussions on its new program of activities for 2002. The administration of the Union seems to be more concerned with producing a good and acceptable program containing different aspects of activities during the year.
Library of Egypt Publishes Bakathir’s Works
Sheikh Hamid Assahar of Egypt announced that the Library of Egypt would be publishing all works of the late Yemeni author Ahmad Bakathir, who lived and studied in Egypt. The works are being prepared for publication by the well-known Egyptian researcher Mohammed Abu Bakr Hamid.
The Library has been publishing Bakathir’s works since 1993.
Cultural Activities in Ramadhan
The al-Hajri Cultural Forum organized last week a poetry recital activity in Dar Sad. The event took place at the headquarters of the Yemeni Authors Union in the city. All poems recited and read spoke highly of the virtues of the great Yemeni poet Salem Ali Hajri.
New Novel Published
Two new novels by the Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ahmad Kaid Barakat, have recently been published. These are a continuation of the novel Manazel al-Qamar, which is based mostly on real encounters of the first group of Yemeni students to study abroad in the 1940s.