Cultural News [Archives:2006/968/Culture]

August 31 2006

– Last Saturday, July 29, the Yemeni Writers Union launched meetings of the Arab Writers Union and the Ibn Khaldoun Symposium, which will conclude August 1. Attended by writers and intellectuals from various corners of the Arab world, this year's round is devoted to renowned Arab scholar Abdul-Rahman Ibn Khaldoun to commemorate the 600th anniversary of his death. The symposium will be divided into a number of themes dealing with various aspects of Ibn Khaldoun's life and career, such as his era, voyages, production, critical thought, approach to historical writing, contribution to educational science, etc.

– German skydivers participated in the activities of the Sana'a Summer Festival and the Mukalla-based Al-Baldah Festival. The German team performed jaw-dropping shows and formations.

– The third Al-Baldah Festival in the city of Mukalla in Hadhramout province wrapped up Friday, ending with a marine portrait reflecting a historical voyage of sailing ships. A number of folk bands participated in the festival, performing various traditional sets for the public.

– The Ministry of Culture honored a number of Hadhrami dan performers at the end of the second Dan Festival held July 17-20 in Sana'a. Among the honorees were Najee bin Sa'eed Al-Haj, Omar Mubarak Quzail and Mohammed Ahmed Bawazeer. Dan is a singing style specific to the Hadhramout.

– According to its museum curator, the National Museum will be granted equipment from the Japanese government. The grant includes audiovisual equipment for use in displaying museum contents to visitors. Other appliances are meant for the lecture hall and the information center.

– Sources at the National Remote Sensing Center said the first atlas of space images of Yemen will be published soon. The atlas is expected to provide highly accurate geographic images of Yemen. These space images will have a variety of applications to agriculture, environment and tourism, as well as urban expansion.

– The fourth Ibb Tourist Festival will be held August 6-12 in the historical town of Jibla, the proverbial seat of Yemen's Queen Arwa. The festival will feature various cultural, artistic and sport activities, as well as 11 displays involving books, photographs, agriculture, environment, handicrafts, etc.

– The Ubadi Center for Studies and Publication has published the second volume of “Yemeni Unity's Giants in Ancient History.” Author Mohammed Nasser Hadi traces the history of Yemeni unity since ancient historical times. The book also presents appendices illustrating the temporal map of Yemeni rulers, as well as times of national unity and disunity throughout Islamic history.