Curtains Pulled Down on The Premier League, Ahli Spanks Attali’ah 5/1 [Archives:2000/20/Sports]

May 15 2000

At last, curtains were pulled down on the premier league last Friday with Ahli Sana’a at the top and Attali’ah second.
Ahli was able to master during the two matches and avenge his last loss to Attali’ah in Taiz by scoring five goals to one. Meanwhile, the Attali’ah moribund team disappointed its crowd of fans by the lack of anyone to take on opponents with the ball.
The first match which was remarkable by caution of both teams ended for Ahli 1/0. The goal was scored by centreforward, Adel Al-Salimi in the 37th minute.
Ahli depended for its attacks on Sami Al-Heimi by opening the right flank and Abdul Rahman Saeed on the left flank. At the same time, Attali’ah depended on the two centreforwards, Esam Abdul Ghani and As’ad Mohammed Abdu.
In the second match, Ahli abandoned its cautious from the very beginning to make many attempts to break through, most of which were successful. The following Ahli 4 goals were scored by Jamal Al-Qadimi, Al-Salimi and Talal Ahmad. The Attali’ah only goal was scored by As’ad.
At the end of the match the three first teams, Ahli, Attali’ah and Wahdah were honored by Minister of Youth and Sport, Dr. Abdul Wahhab Raweh, Minister of Education, Dr. Yahia Al-Sho’aibi, Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Ahmad Al-Jabali. Minister of Industry, Mr. Abdul Rahman Othman.On the other hand, Adhdban Establishment distributed prizes to the players and presented the high goal scorer of the tournament, and distributed products of their establishment in order to support the sports movement in the country. Mahommed Dusuqi, represented the establishment during the prize presentation ceremony.