Customs hinder fish companies [Archives:2005/870/Local News]

August 22 2005

Export is stopped by many of the fishing and exporting companies for over a month because of the illegal customs that were imposed by the government on both the fishermen and exporters.

Companies said that the premier, the minister of finance Alawi Alsalami imposed a tax of 3% on fish and 6% on mollusks, which they described as illegal.

There was a large resentment among exporters and fishermen.

Sources disclosed that the PM has ordered in a message to his deputy and the Minister of Fisheries on 19.7.2005, to cancel those new taxes, but nothing is done so far. The export stopped, leading to a large loss of revenues as fish production is an important economic source.

This important economic sector contributed to the national income with (146.800 tons) as it was improved in the period of 2000 up to the first quarter of 2005. Its total income was YR.56.83.000 million.