Daily Hearings on Yemen’s Water Problem:  Consultative Council Tackles Yemen’s Water Crisis! [Archives:1997/39/Front Page]

September 29 1997

The Consultative Council (CC) is addressing Yemen’s water crisis head-on. “We want the general public to be aware that there is a problem, and that we need to address it,” said Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulghani, Chairman of the CC. The Council has invited various government bodies and professional specialists to present their summary assessment of the problem, and proposals of solutions, in daily hearings to be held during 4-7/10/1997.

In a synopsis report already prepared by the CC, it is clear that many Yemeni cities, notably Sanaa and Taiz, already face a nightmare. The Sanaa basin is being depleted at an alarming rate. “The water level falls by 1.5 centimeters every day,” the report reads. “The CC will compile the views of the government bodies, professionals, and donors, and then present a comprehensive plan of action to the president,” Abdulghani said.