Dalaq Appeals Human Rights Organizations [Archives:2001/35/Front Page]

August 27 2001

Journalist Khalid Mohsen Dalaq made an appeal with international organizations concerning the protection of human rights to show solidarity with him and also to urge the President of the Republic, the Minister of Justice and the Head of the Legal Inspection Authority to promptly settle his case.
Mr. Dalaq is still continuing his sit-in at the HQ of the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate for the 28th consecutive day.
It is worth mentioning that Mr. Dalaq started his sit-in one month ago to protest against the verdict of imprisonment issued against him. This is for requesting assistance and the restoration of the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate and human rights organizations.
Mr. Dalaq stated that he received many death threats and that he was detained in an extrajudicial manner for three months.