Dallaq Appeals to the President [Archives:2001/39/Local News]

September 24 2001

Khaled Muhssen Dallaq is properly carrying out the longest sit-in ever witnessed in Yemen at the premises of the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate (YJS), for the 60th consecutive day.
This came in protest of the verdict issued against him by a court that has nothing to do with his case.
The recourse of Dallaq to the YJS and the international human rights organizations came after receiving several death threats, confiscating his properties and stopping him from work.
Mr. Dallaq said that he had appealed to the President of the Republic in a letter written with his own blood, to personally intervene in his case.
Dallaq has previously appealed to the political leadership in Yemen, headed by the President of the Republic, as well as the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor-General, to order the Judiciary Inspection Board to collect the file case from the Public Property Court and review the legal proceeding of the case.
On the same note, more than 500 journalist, writers and lawyers have expressed their unlimited solidarity with Dallaq, and in a letter sent to the President they asked him to promptly intervene to settle his case.