Dallaq Goes on Hunger Strike [Archives:2001/33/Local News]

August 13 2001

Last Wednesday, journalist, Khaled Mohsen Dallaq goes on his twelfth-day hunger strike at the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) after the Public Property Court sentenced him four months imprisonment, because of his recourse to the (YJS) and the human rights organizations. Dallaq demanded the (YJS) be held as quickly as possible to discuss this issue, together with his litigant, Editor-in-chief of al-Sahwa weekly newspaper. The two parties have exchanged accusations with each other. Meanwhile, in a solidarity statement, nearly 200 journalists appealed to the (YJS) for an immediate intervention. They appealed to the President of the Republic, the Justice Minister and other concerned bodies to provide fair justice for their colleague in which he has to be rehabilitated. Dallaq said that he didn’t get a fair justice, he was arbitrarily dispossessed and his freedom was completely restrained for more than three months in a military division without any judicial ruling. Mr. Dallaq has worked for 26th September weekly newspaper for almost ten years, then he was dismissed and deprived of his entitlements. He himself was beaten up by the Editor-in-chief of the 26th September with his seven bodyguards. At the same time, the Labor Unions in al-Baidha demanded all the Journalists Syndicates to back up Dallaq’s case. In a message sent by the Educational and Professions Syndicate(EPS), masses organizations to the (YJS) is a clear testimony of the outrageous violations of the Human Rights in Yemen.