Damt therapeutic baths are drying out [Archives:2007/1055/Front Page]

May 31 2007

Yemen Times Staff
AL-DALE'E, May 30 – Damt, part of Al-Dhale' governorate, was declared as a tourist and therapeutic reserve according to the resolution number 135 issued in 2004. Al-Dhale' locals rejoiced at this declaration as it will help revitalize the tourism sector, something that could diminish poverty and unemployment rampant in the governorate.

Head of Al-Dhale' Tourism Office Mohammded Abdurrahman made it clear that the level of water at Damt therapeutic baths is in continuous decrease [Al-Haradhah] partly because of the random building and the absence of civil planning. Furthermore, the premises of Al-Haradhah are subjected to aggression from time to time by people who started to build their houses there.

Abdulrahman added that the people were happy at announcing Damt as a tourist reserve. He added that his office put forward a plan aiming to protect and keep Damt water, as well as to encourage investments especially of the governorate emigrants, roughly 56,000 people, who are outside Yemen.

He also indicated that his office embarked on launching a cleaning campaign targeting all areas and water basins, taking out about three tons of waste. Further, he hinted that his office is planning to provide the city with the infra-structure including water, sanitation, and electricity. Additionally, he pointed out that Damt is in need for more care in order to preserve its tourist and historical features.

“Damt therapeutic baths are not the only tourist sites