Dar al-Salam Organization denounces UK’s terrorist acts [Archives:2005/863/Local News]

July 28 2005

SANA'A- Dar al-Salam Organization on Saturday July 23 strongly denounced the terrorist acts that targeted innocent civilians and security and stability of United Kingdom.

It described such acts as cowardly, inhuman and wild, adding they contradict the teachings of the revealed Books, the constitutions and the traditional values.

“We convey our heartfelt condolences to the government of the UK and to the bereaved families who lost their loved ones in the barbaric acts” said a spokesman on behalf of the High Council of Dar al-Salam.

The organization calls on Islamic scholars and social personalities of distinction to do their best for fighting the extremist ideology born in the minds of terrorists and protect humanity from their evil motives. Muslim scholars are urged to show how compassionate Islam is for human beings irrespective of their roots, colors and religious affiliation, according to the organization.

In addition, Dar al-Salam Organization called on the international community, the Muslim nations and the international organizations to disclose sufferings of the people who received their share of injuries in such acts of terror.