Dawn peace [Archives:2006/935/Community]

April 6 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Love carrying flowery spring glory

It is my peacefulness palace and fort

As a replacement for angst and fury

But hatred is sinful narrow court

Love has a charming story

As sailing into spaceless sky

By my soul's dory

Hatred is a poisonous worry

My matchless novel

My sun document approval

His color is my despair refusal

Love has a striking perfume smell

As our life has its incomparable dell

When our dawn peace sings with nightingale

Love becomes a divine paradise

His kernel can't be inherent in harmful gale

Love is a blissful seventh heaven

Despite the fact that

Hidden hatred is a well of hell

Love can stand proudly high with will

For God respectfully kneeling down

Love has radiant sense in pure depth

It is God's praiseworthy wealth

When Life's chalice is full of contentment

On betrayal twin bed

Our souls' syrupy moment can't cover forty winks

Love is building our golden shed

To save us from harm of evil and snake's head