Dead chickens in Radfan and Ibb [Archives:2005/898/Health]

November 28 2005

Tens of Chickens have been found dead in many villages and provinces in Ibb and Radfan, daily (Al-Ayam) newspaper reported last. Wednesday. According to the newspaper the sudden and odd perish of the poultry create fears and worries to the people of those regions. They expressed their fears of the existence of bird flu, particularly there are many poultry farms in that area, in addition the remains of the chickens that are widespread in the valleys there.

Dr.Mithaq Abdullh Al-Sada , director of epidemic monitoring office in Ibb governorate, confirmed that he had received many complaints of poultry perishing from the citizens. He referred that he visited many regions such as Mitham, Alsira and Badan and other regions. He insisted that the results of the tests, which have been taken from those regions, revealed that the chickens died because of ” Newcastle disease