Deadlock on joint fishingYemen and Eritrea sign accords [Archives:2005/824/Front Page]

March 14 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
The first round of the joint Yemeni-Eritarian committee was held in the Eritrian Capital, Asmara on March 8-10.

The two countries signed seven agreements covering mutual cooperations in investment encouragement and protection, oil gas and minerals, culture, tourism, media, and security.

However, the Yemenis and Eritreans arrived at a deadlock regarding establishment of a joint fishing company. Instead, they agreed to set up a technical committee to study the possibility of establishing the joint company.

Dr. Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, head of the Yemeni delegation, told Saba News Agency upon his arrival in Sana'a, that in the first round several agreements were signed. Meetings in Asmara confirmed the importance of implementing the agreed on terms and preparing practical programs.

He also pointed out the relationship between Yemen's and Eritrea's security. “The security of Yemen and Eritrea is part of the security of the region. All should work for the sake of stabilizing it so that the region's countries get a chance for development through their own capacities.”

Prior to his departure from Asmara, Dr. al-Qirbi, along with his Eritrean counterpart Ali Sayid Abdullah, head of the Eritrean side in the committee discussed means of coordination between the ministries of foreign affairs in the two countries, as well as ways to enhance mutual cooperation.