Death sentence to Yahar mosque attacker [Archives:2003/663/Front Page]

August 28 2003

Sanaa, August 26 – The Yahar Primary Court in Lahj sentenced Monday the attacker of Yahar mosque to death, a legal source said. In its session held Monday, the court judge Nasir Abdan passed the death penalty verdict against the killer Mohsen Yahia Munassar for killing seven students and their teacher late July when he shot them while attending a summer course on holy Quran teachings. The verdict also states that he should be fined YR 325,275 as a compensation for two wounded students; Nabeel Abdulrab and Mujahid Thabet. After hearing the verdict, the killer refused it and appealed the verdict.
The last similar attack on a mosque took place last Friday when Marish al-Akhram blew up a grenade at prayers killing 2 and injuring 34 others in Amran province. Preliminary investigations reveal that the attacker has some personal problems with some people in the area. It is expected that he would appear before court for immediate trial in a couple of days.