Decisive Nasim-Kelly Re-Match: WILL THE PRINCE DO IT AGAIN? [Archives:1998/25/Sports]

June 22 1998

Fans of the world feather-weight boxing champion Nasim Hamid “the Prince” are impatiently awaiting his decisive match with his stubborn challenger, Kevin Kelly, next July. Nasim defeated Kelly last year in New York’s Madison Square Garden.
Kelly was able to knock Nasim to the ground 3 times, a first event of its kind for the indefatigable Prince of Yemen. Kelly had certainly put a persistent and vicious fight, which somewhat affected his image as an international boxer. Nasim was able to sustain Kelly’s attacks with great flexibility and adroitness.
Now Nasim, the ‘best featherweight champion in the world,’ as sport commentators have attested and who was proven by his last fight with Vasquez of Puerto Rico, is preparing for this decisive fight with Kelly.
Of Vasquez, Nasim said: “I expected to beat him in the 2nd or, by most, the 4th round. He forced me to come down in my expectations, when I found him a stubborn and worthy contender. I had to be patient. I learned my lesson in my New York fight with Kelly. On the 6th round I felt that his end was near. I delivered the left-hand knockout in the 7th round, ending the fight.”
With this victory, Naism has now won 30 fights, 28 of which end with his uniquely powerful knockout.
The American heavy-weight boxing champion, George Norman said about Nasim: “Nasim can easily become the best boxer in the world not only now, but for the next 10 years.
Almost the same was said by the Puerto Rican boxer Cruz, who was defeated by Nasim in 1995. “Nasim has an iron fist and a super speed with which to react and deliver the punches. He can really be the world champion for the next 10 years.”
Sport commentators and analysts said a lot about the Prince, and all agreed that a new legend has hit the boxing rings. Nevertheless, the boxing ring remains the final and most decisive arbiter. It is quite certain that the forthcoming fight with Kelly will be a difficult challenge, considering that Kelly is far more determined now to retrieve his lost title.
On his part, Nasim is also determined to keep all his 3 titles, and even gain more.
Kelly is the first boxer to face Nasim twice. The boxing ring holds numerous surprises, some sad and others happy. Will Naz be able to knock him off, again. This will be a nice present for his expecting wife!