Decorations by renowned artistsSana’a prepares for big day [Archives:2003/689/Front Page]

November 27 2003

A few more weeks and the count down will start for Yemen's sleeping beauty to rise and shine.
Sana'a has been chosen to be next year's cultural capital of the Arab world.
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism in collaboration with relevant authorities has prepared an interesting agenda for 2004.
The list includes cultural and artistic events such as theater plays, musical performances, exhibitions, fashion shows, book fairs, poetry and literature events.
Intellectuals from all the Arab and Islamic world will be invited to attend and participate in the events and joint exhibitions of cinema, theater, literature and arts will take place.
The capital secretariat is working continuously on construction restoration and infrastructure building had been in operation since a couple of months. Areas in the old city of Sana'a are being restored and new theaters and halls are being built around the country as well.
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is going to issue a tourist and cultural guide of the city which will be available in tourist offices soon.
Meanwhile, a number of prominent Yemeni artists will be coming in the coming few weeks to turn the capital city, along with other areas in the country, into an artistic portrayal of the republic of Yemen.
The artists will be painting a number of walls and buildings and make statues and symbols to be presented during the celebrations. The aim of these activities is to give a wonderful and new look to the capital city in a way that reflects Yemen's rich heritage, colorful culture, and glorious history.