Defamatory speech during Party Dialogue [Archives:2007/1039/Local News]

April 5 2007

SANA'A, April 4 ) “The General People's Congress media address seems like an unhealthy animal suffering ailing infancy and its success relies mostly on individuals who either are underdogs, cheats or traitors”, a Joint Meeting Parties official source commented.

The source expressed deep sorrow at the GPC media address, noting that it is a large party with prominent staff that has been responsible for running the country for a decade. “Before this, we were advocating separating ruling party interests and abilities from state facilities, but now we demand separation between exercising political activities and the infancy age,” the source stated to

JMP leadership withdrew from dialogue with the ruling party because the latter's media has negatively influenced the atmosphere for such dialogue by accusing the JMP and its leaders of providing intelligence favoring foreign forces and considering secession.

Other sources say ruling party leaders are dissatisfied with the dialogue's results regarding the issues, which both parties agreed to resolve completely. They confirm that some GPC leaders aren't ready to create a new atmosphere in order to pave the way for dialogue and attain sought-after goals.

The JMP-GPC dialogue opened with ruling party media defaming former JMP spokesman Mohammed Qahtan and accusing him of contacting a foreign intelligence organization. The ruling party media alleged that Qahtan is providing the foreign intelligence organization with information and assessment about Yemen, as well as other information about the new cabinet formation, the Anti-Corruption Committee and Yemen's upcoming 2009 parliamentary elections.

A GPC media source described a statement by the JMP spokesman Mohammed Al-Sabri as “rude,” saying Al-Sabri's words are indecent and lack courtesy. He pointed out that the activities exercised by JMP leaders don't serve dialogue and exhorted Al-Sabri to balance and weigh issues before pronouncing such indecent words.