Deliberations on integrating people of special needs in society [Archives:2004/732/Business & Economy]

April 26 2004

The deliberative meeting organised by the ministry of technical education and vocational training for institutions concerned with those of special needs has come out with results that affirmed the importance of integrating members of these groups in the society by implementation of organised and continuous training and qualification programs.
The meting has proposed the necessity of determining the type of training that is compatible with the nature of the handicap and fixing descriptions to training programs in harmony with cases of those of special needs of deaf and dumb and those mentally and physically handicapped as well as the blind. The meeting has also called for drawing up working mechanism between the ministry of technical education and establishments of the groups of special needs. The mechanism aims at providing convenient climates for training handicapped individuals and rendering them to productive elements from whom the Yemeni society would benefit as well as enabling them to spend on their families and contribute to the process of comprehensive development in Yemen.
The ministry of education pins hope on integrating those special groups in the society for finding job opportunities for the handicapped through training and qualification.
Handicapped training programs are receiving support from donor states and organisations, local charitable associations and non-governmental organisations.
Figures indicate that there are around two million disabled persons in Yemen who are the product of internal wars and conflicts and they therefore constitute a burden on the state's development and services schemes. Therefore the plan of integrating the people of special needs in the Yemeni society comes as part of the strategy aiming at fighting poverty and improving the living circumstances of those groups for the better.