Delinquents’ crimes on decrease, Juvenile Court confirms [Archives:2007/1072/Local News]

July 30 2007

SANA'A, July 29 ) Sana'a Juvenile Delinquency Court registered a steep decrease as for the number of crimes committed by the youngsters aged 10 to 17, according to a source in the court.

The source made it clear that most crimes, mounting to 80 cases, were committed by male delinquents especially theft crimes, while two cases were committed by female delinquents and related to honor crimes.

Sana'a Juvenile Delinquency Court Judge Afrah Badwilan told the 26 that her court is still looking into 14 cases out of the total number of cases reaching 82.

Badwilan assured there has been a decrease of delinquents' cases as 230 cases were registered last year, attributing such a decrease to the increased awareness among families and interest given by media outlets to delinquents' issues.