Demand by Port Workers to Be Met by the Government [Archives:1999/51/Front Page]

December 20 1999

More than 20,000 workers and employees at Yemeni ports called off a widespread general strike which they had announced on Monday December 13,1999. They were demanding an increase in their salaries, and after negotiation they resumed their work on Wednesday 15,1999. The move to end the strike came in response to a decision made by the Yemeni council of ministers Tuesday which stipulated granting of an 80% increase in salaries of the port workers and employees. The workers decision of ending the strike also came in response to some earlier assurances to them by the minister of transport, who had promised to consider their demands.
The council of ministers had its weekly meeting on Tuesday December 14, at which it approved a motion to grant workers and employees at the Yemeni ports an 80% increase in their salaries. The minister of transport Abdulmalik Alsiyani said the 80% increase approved by the council of ministers was to be considered a victory for workers rights.
Mr Saleh Mohammed Al-Alwani chairman of transport and communications trade union said he had been informed by the minister of transport of the cabinet decision to increase wages, adding that when the workers receives the increase it should have a good effect on their performance at work. He added that he considers this an accomplishment for the workers, and a display of understanding on the part of the council of ministers and the minister of transport of the difficult living conditions of these workers and employees. Mr Al-Al-Alwani offered his thanks to the governor of Aden and the deputy assistant of political security for the patriotic and humane roles they played in reaching this solution. He also thanked the chairman of the General of the Federation of Trade Unions for following up the issues with the official authorities in the capital.